Englishman in Switzerland

Sting once said that his hit song “Englishman in New York” was about being yourself and never conforming. We may not be in New York, but with paired offices in the UK and Switzerland, here at Spirit we've taken some of the maestro's advice to heart.

We love Switzerland. What’s not to like? A beautiful country. Yummy chocolate. Skiing anyone? Being in Switzerland comes with plenty of benefits for all, but when it comes to the marketing communications and advertising sector, being the ‘Englishman’ does have its advantages. London in particular offers a rich source of talent from copy writing and art direction through to design, photography, animation and far beyond. And with the international language of business being English, most films, ads and campaigns aimed at an international audience tend to originate in English with other language versions as secondary. That puts us at a distinct advantage when we are working with our Swiss clients. They have their very own London agency on call at their doorstep. But its not a one way street. The benefits can work in both directions as we have proven. Being based in Switzerland we are perfectly placed to service film shoots in Switzerland and other locations in central Europe, as we have done on numerous occasions for clients in the UK, USA and Asia. So whether Switzerland is your base or your destination, we’re here to help you, and don’t be surprised if we offer you a cup of tea instead of coffee when you visit. Thats one tradition that’s sacred!

Posted on March 5th, 2015 by Anthony Levene