We are spirit

For two decades, in the UK and in Switzerland, Spirit has been passionate about communications. Clear, helpful communication with our clients – adding demonstrable value to their business with entire campaigns or one-off presentations. Targeted, intelligent communication that makes use of the right channel, whether it be print or the latest app’ or online portal.
Well crafted communication – from training to web coding or producing powerful, engaging films. We can help your business communicate better and more clearly than ever. We’d love to hear from you.

keeping spirits up

In its own way, Spirit is a service. We not only service clients and their needs - we service their messages and communications. Anything else is extraneous. In that spirit, we stay light on our feet – keeping our teams tight and tailored to the job at hand – and our overheads low.

Working from the centre of Europe and London, we’ve access to brilliant, even spirited talents that share our vision and can help communicate yours.

our spirited people

Over the years, we’ve learned that every single job has its own requirements and quirks. No two jobs are the same and we tailor our team accordingly. At Spirit, we shape a freelance team around your project – you get the talent you need and you pay for the talent you use. No more. We’re proud to list some wonderfully talented collaborators here, all of whom contribute to our work – and the success of your communications.

Anthony Levene: Writer, Director, Producer

Caroline Richards: Editor

Sarah Wood: Designer & Advanced PowerPoint Specialist

Cindy Gray: Media Training Specialist

Jonny Stopford: Motion Graphics Designer

Richard Gillespie: Director of Photography

Louisa McGowan: Website Designer